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New multitasking grinding machine for production of parts with Hirth and Curvic Couplings

DIVIPREC a company of Alberdi Group, is one of the market leaders in the manufacture of rings with CURVIC and HIRTH couplings. We export more than 50% of our production to customers in the power generation, aerospace, defense, iron and steel, and machine tool industries.

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Our requirements are in line with the requests of our customers.  

“Our customers have high expectations when it comes to precision and accuracies, surface finishes and delivery times, thus we are constantly optimizing and improving our manufacturing processes to meet the ever-increasing demands”

Xabier Rementeria, Managing Director of DIVIPREC.

Therefore, this philosophy of continuous improvement has driven us to install a VG-1500 from the Danobat company, which is a multitasking solution capable of carrying out several operations and thereby optimizing our production processes. 

With the VG-1500, we improved our capacity to grind flat surfaces, diameters, cones, shapes and Curvic and Hirth couplings. 

Among other relevant features, the VG-1500 has six controlled axes.

The machine is also equipped with a system that measures all the surfaces with a contact probe so the part can be validated before it is removed from the machine. 

Among other benefits, the machine can be used to manufacture high-precision Curvic and Hirth couplings, one of the core competences of the company. 

Moreover, the new solution increases the work envelope for parts up to 1.5 meters (60”) while achieving superior precision compared to how parts were processed previously. 

The machine has been operating at full capacity during two shifts since September 2020, working 16 hours a day. It is located at our new pavilion, inside an air-conditioned room, where the temperature is kept at a constant 20 degrees. This is only one of many measures taken to achieve the level of precision required by our customer.

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