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About Diviprec

Diviprec is a company producing precision-ground and machined components for the aeronautical industry, specialising in the manufacture of HIRTH crowns with high precision CURVIC gearing and our own products.

Our main goal is to provide the highest quality and finishing in our products accompanied by reliable, fast and efficient service providing value in order to meet the most rigorous demands of the market. Our quality system is certified under the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Our products are sold throughout Europe, USA and Asia.

To provide the best solutions we have a highly qualified technical team with the aptitude and attitude required for continuous improvement, people who put all their knowledge, experience and diligence into carrying out all jobs and projects with internationally recognized precision and quality. This philosophy places us at the forefront of knowledge in the manufacture of precision parts.

We have a wide range of precision machinery located in a controlled environment with cutting edge technology in ground and machined components and high production capacity to provide our engineers with the means to realise their full potential.


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Polígono Industrial Eitua Nº45. Apartado de Correos 51 - 48240 Berriz - Vizcaya · Spain
Telephones: (+34) 94.622.50.48 - (+34) 94.622.50.79 - FAX: (+34) 94.622.50.69
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